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Design new homes

Energy Efficiency Reports for new homes

Your New Home

We can provide the total design package saving you time and money. Using your ideas and requirements, we can design a house that suits you, your block of land and your lifestyle.

We can ensure that your home meets your needs and also that it is energy efficient. If you already have a layout you have designed, we can use our computer software to professionally draft it. Our new home drafts/plans are clear enough for builders to provide you with an accurate quote.

Energy Efficiency Reports

Your new home is required to achieve a 6 star Energy Efficiency Rating by the Building Code of Australia.

Bob is a qualified BERS assessor and can assess your design and provide the necessary report.

With Bob’s Energy Efficiency knowledge included in your design, a 6 star house is easily achievable.

We have even designed a 9 star home.

Please note: Copyright Laws mean that we will not redraw someone else’s design (e.g. a project builders home).

"Hi Bob, Thank you. The drawings look great, I really appreciate your prompt and professional approach. Cheers Steve"
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