Initial Consultation

Meet with Bob to discuss your project.

The site: Where North is located, if there are any views, location of utilities, covenant requirements, the slope of the site, Council rules that may affect the design;

Levels: single, split or two storey;

Rooms: types of, size and number, whether you want all open plan living or prefer a separate living room, access to outdoor entertainment areas, types of windows, any features you want (niches, cutouts);

Materials: to be used in construction, type of framework (pine, cypress, steel), type of roof (Colorbond steel, tile), cladding (brickwork, rendered, timber, fibre cement product), concrete slab or floor system; ceiling heights.

If you have a collection of ideas or a layout already drawn, this is when it is all discussed. In the case of a renovation, a full measure up of the existing building is completed at this stage.

Preliminary Plan

We provide you with an initial floor plan, elevations and site plan. It is very important at this stage to take this plan with you and go over it carefully.

Any changes that need to be made are done now before the full draw.

You may wish to take your Preliminary Plan to your builder to get some idea of costing, however they won’t be able to give you a definite price until the full draw and soil tests are completed.

Full Draw

When you are happy with your design, Bob provides all the plans required by the Certifiers for full approval (An engineer is required for the footing design).

These plans include slab plan, bracing plan, construction details and a blank electrical plan. It is at this stage that an Energy Efficiency Report can be done.

After the whole process is completed Bob is always happy to answer any questions that you or your builder may have.

Please note: Copyright Laws mean that we will not redraw someone else’s design (e.g. a project builders home).